May 25 to June 6, 2018

   Blessed Avalon

     Journey to the Holy Isles

    Ireland, England and Scotland

     Honoring St. Brigid the Celtic Triple Goddess of Poetry, Inspiration & Healing

             Sacred Sites, Ceremony, Meditation & Creative Writing


     Join Avalon Journey Guide, Elizabeth HeartStar Keller


We will follow in Brigid’s footsteps in Ireland, England & Scotland

  •  3 nights in Ireland, 4 nights in Glastonbury, England & 5 nights in Scotland
  •  4 nights in Glastonbury – the Ancient Isle of Avalon.
  • Stonehenge Ceremony & Avebury Stone Circle
  • 5 nights in Scotland –  Holy Isle of Iona

Every journey tells a story. We will have this special opportunity to be in the Sacred Sites, Holy Wells, Stone Circles & Sacred Groves in Ireland, England and Scotland.

We dedicate this journey to Celtic Saint Brigid, the Triple Goddess, keeper of the perpetual flame, the fire of inspiration and poetic expression. She was the muse and teacher of the Druids and bards throughout the Celtic Isles. Holy wells and springs are sacred to her aspect as healer.  Candles are lit on February 1st her feast day to symbolize the light of illumination and the return of the Goddess. The white swan is one of her totem animals, symbolizing inner grace, balance and commitment, migrate to their breeding ground at the time of her feast day. There are  many legends where the swan was revered in Celtic and Irish culture.


Glastonbury records state that Brigid came to Glastonbury in 488 CE. Soon after her arrival she founded a healing chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene near an ancient Holy Well at Beckery, which means Beekeeper’s Isle. This is where Bride’s Mound is today. Thankfully, the Glastonbury based group, Friends of Bride’s Mound have created a trust to keep the land sacred. Visit their website:

According to the Grail Romances, the mortally wounded King Arthur was brought by barge to Avalon, and stopped at Beckery, where he received a healing, along with prophetic dreams and visions.

As we attune to the energies of places sacred to Brigid, allowing the spirit and land to speak to us, we are able to give expression to our heartsong.

Enjoy Carole Isis performing You Are The Diamond