2020 Avalon Journey

Magical Mystery Tour
2020 Avalon Journey 

June 7 -15, 2020

The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away….

Our Magical Avalon journey begins in Glastonbury, England, the ancient Isle of Avalon. Here the legends and mythos of the ancient mysteries and the Holy Grail have been kept alive. The archetypal pattern of the round table is held throughout the veils of time. We will connect to these archetypes, ancestors, and powerful earth energies in the beauty of this sacred land

Glastonbury, England the Ancient Isle of Avalon

We will walk in the footpaths of the ancestor up Glastonbury Tor, the mighty beacon hill and Wearyall Hill. We will drink from the chalice of the holy well healing red spring waters, the Vesica Piscis of Creation and spend the day in the timeless beauty and serenity of the Chalice Well Gardens. Here you can sense, feel and perhaps see the devas and fairies of this most holy and sacred site. A full day trip to Stonehenge and surrounding sacred sites and Salisbury Cathedral, and a full day trip to Avebury Stone Circle and may be blessed with a crop circle !!

We will also have a full day on the mystic coast of Cornwall, where you will enjoy the a most enchanting walk through St. Nectan’s Glen magical fairy realm to the most spectacular waterfall. We will visit Tintagel Castle birthplace of King Arthur, and Merlin’s cave and with the Company of Avalon and Merlin as our guide …more magic awaits us…

Tour Includes:

Ground Transportation
Bed & Breakfast
Two Main Meals
Entry Fees and Special Presentations

Not included is your Airfare to England’s Bristol Airport
Lunches and Dinners
Tips for coach driver

Limited to 7 people.

Flight Details:
Arrival: June 7th at Bristol, England Airport no later than 2PM
Departure: June 15th Bristol Airport at 12noon make sure your flight does not leave till after 2PM

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For more information, to sign-up or any questions about how to make a payment
Email: Elizabeth

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